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Per-Ola, CEO of Activene:

Peter is an experienced videographer for ecommerce, and an amazing partner to work with. He always go the extra mile to deliver top notch videos to make your product pops.

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E-com Campaign

It took a few months to rethink our target audience and make a whole new USP.

Shopify Website

It worked on Amazon, so why not redo it on Shopify? We did, and it's working there too. Activene.com


It was important, who, how old, when and does what? That's how you cover your target audience.


We didn't need a movie, but an old school TV commercial. We did it, and now it sells like crazy.

New SM Campaigns

Activene, being a top dog on Amazon did not need constant posting. But it did need an Instagram look so the brand shows legitimacy. We did just that.

Website Design

A simple, yet effective website. We took a Shopify theme and revamped it completely with graphic design, creating an alternative pipeline for sales outside the main e-commerce platforms.