the brand based on color

Own your drink!

And stickers, icons, patterns & of course, gradients!

Project Details

Jordan, CEO of Funqyware:

Pinestel is one of the best creative agencies for e-commerce we have worked with. Pinestel’s strongest advantage is their original ideas on creating a real brand, combined with a know-how of how Amazon works.

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About Jordan & Funqyware

Funqyware was the start of a life-long friendship for me. Jordan was looking for a video, I saw the potential and I offered a lot more, to build the whole brand. We agreed to play the long game and thus we bite by bite we ate a whale. Now Funqyware is one of our most complete brands. 

Branding Funqyware

You can't sell plastic cups in this day and age. But you can sell the idea of fun, portability, and youth. This is what we did. Knowing we're working on selling an idea, we dove deep and made sure the brand is easy to look at and attractive.


Photos are serious business for a luxury brand such as WB. Every photo must exude elegance, style & class.


A perfect blend of style and practicality, we created videos that show not only the beauty, but the usefulness of our great pens.

It's a colorful brand

With tons of stickers, icons, patterns & of course, colors!

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Some of the icons

Creatives & Social Media

We did so much, it's hard to believe what can be achieved the span of a few months. Or is it?