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Project Details

Ryan, CEO of GV:

Peter and his team do really amazing work! From videos to a+ plus content to Amazon images to website design!!! Their cost is also very reasonable for the quality of work that you get!

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Whole Listing

Following Apple's example, we created an e-commerce listing for a newcomer product.

Design Language

We were driven by the idea to explaing the product without saying too much.


We were very specific with the photos, quantity over quality was the norm for this project.


A simple video, to promote and showcase the use of the product. Simplicity is king.

The Campaign

Of course, this campaign took some planning. To make a bestseller it is not enough to just see what the competition is doing and copy them. We created a very detailed plan and we followded it through.

After Publishing

We plan other products, so we need audience to re-market. Who better than the people that have already bought? We extended the warranty and got them to sign up on the brand new website for vpenstylus.com