Wordsworth & Bläck

a great brand, made better

Project Details

Sam, CEO of WB:

Peter, CEO of Pinestel, exudes unmatched passion for our brand, evident from our first chemistry call. A visionary leader, he steers his agency with a mission to elevate client brands.

New Impressions
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New Designs
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New Photos
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New Videos
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New Campaigns

We created campaigns for the social platforms, making sure WB keeps breathing in sync with it's customers.

Visual Identity

We worked on the typography, logo usage, creatives, photo guides, tone of voice, mission, we even created a GPT and now you can discuss with WB and ask him yourself what it is.


Photos are serious business for a luxury brand such as WB. Every photo must exude elegance, style & class.


A perfect blend of style and practicality, we created videos that show not only the beauty, but the usefulness of our great pens.